Acupuncture and Physiotherapy


It is an ancient system of healing practiced in China for thousands of years.

The system works on the basis that there are pathways , or "meridians" that run through the body and carry a vital energy called "Qi". Acupuncture points
are gateways to the meridian lines and in stimulating them , this vital energy is encouraged to circulate.


The flow of energy can be upset by stress , trauma , grief, infection, lifestyle, etc.

In our clinic I use the fine sterilised disposable needles.

Acupuncture can be helpful in the treatment of back pain, joint problems, arthritis ,
headache and migraine , insomnia , sciatica ......the list goes on .


Ms Renata Vrablova

Ms Renata is a Slovakian physiotherapist who has practiced in Muscat for 16 years. She works mainly with orthopaedic physiotherapy.


The treatment includes active and passive movements , exercise , deep tissue massage ,

electro or ultrasound and heat for mostly outpatients with locomotov apparatus
problems. This targets joints , muscles and connective tissues-tendons and ligaments and some
Neurological diseases. The aim is to improve or correct the body part and rehabilitate it back
to normal.

Ms Renata - 92986067